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Cordless phone

CT-1 is a standard for cordless telephones operating in the 900 MHz frequency range. The CT-1 is an Analog system used in Europe which improves on the 49 MHz CT-0 sets used in Asia, America and some European countries.

Do not get me wrong, I did not do it by myself. We had a very nice team of 4-5 engineers (at any time) and we even won a company award. It was much fun to develop this phone and its variants, all in all these were (at some point or another) the team members:

                   Luc Castermans, Harry Dijkstra,
               Didimo Grimaldo, John Soree, Kar Biu Chan,
                Koen Smits, Ernst Klomp, Jos Geboers

Getting all that functionality was artcraft! imagine only 16 kB of ROM in the handset and 8 kB in the base, and both of them with only 256 bytes (yes, not kilobytes, just BYTES) of RAM!!!

The product

Here is one of one of the products with a set rich in features such as:

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